Bahrain's commitment to Ship Recycling reinforced by Minister's visit to ASRY and EEC’s Wan Hai vessel. Dr. Mohamed bin Mubarak Bin Daina's support for EEC and ASRY solidifies Bahrain's position as a regional hub for sustainable ship recycling, aligning with international regulations.
Published: 16-06-2023

The recent visit of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed bin Mubarak Bin Daina, the Minister of Oil & Environment and Special Envoy for Climate Affairs, to ASRY and our Wan Hai 165 ship marks a significant development in the support provided by the Kingdom of Bahrain. Following a promising meeting with EEC’s Chairman, Capt Uday, last week, Dr. Bin Daina expressed his full support for EEC and their ship recycling endeavors.



Dr. Bin Daina's visit underscores the Kingdom of Bahrain's commitment to vessel recycling, aligning with international regulations such as the Basel Convention. EEC & ASRY, both recognized by Dr. Bin Daina as strategic players, are positioning Bahrain as a regional hub for ship recycling activities. These efforts contribute to the nation's sustainable development goals and demonstrate Bahrain's dedication to making positive contributions on national, regional, and international levels.

During the visit, held at ASRY's headquarters in the Muharraq Governorate, Dr. Bin Daina was accompanied by Mr. Mazen Mohammed Matar, the Managing Director of ASRY, further emphasizing the importance of this collaboration.