Breaking News: UAE Government adopting new UAE Ship Recycling Regulation Several (online) sources report that the new UAE Ship Recycling Regulation has been adopted by the UAE Government. This is groundbreaking for the future of Green Ship Recycling. With this UAE Ship Recycling Regulation the leadership in green ship recycling virtually shifts from the EU to the UAE.
Published: 11-12-2023

No beaching, no landing

UAE announces stringent ship recycling regulation with a clear ban on "beaching" and "landing" methodologies that are followed by the ship recyclers in the Indian subcontinent and Turkey and bars the use of UAE waters as a transient point for vessels undertaking the final voyage to the beaches for demolition.

Leadership switch from EU to UAE

In line with UAE's reputation as a place of excellence, this groundbreaking initiative represents the highest and the most stringent standard in green ship recycling and effectively shifts the leadership of GSR from the European Union to UAE and encourage the growth of compliant recycling facilities required by major shipowners with high environment, social and governance (ESG) commitments.

The UAE SRR project was spearheaded by the Maritime Transport Affairs Department of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure under the leadership of the Director, Capt Abdalla Alhayyas.

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