Happy Holidays! Our goals for 2023. 
Published: 22-12-2022


As we look back upon the past year, we would like to share our genuine appreciation to those who have collaborated with us to shape our Ship Recycling Business!

Season's greetings from everyone at EEC!

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EEC is happy to inform you that your peers in quality box trades are booking and lining up senior ships at EEC's facilities for compliant, organised and efficient Ship-to-Green-Steel.

Moreover, like you, your competitors and alliance partners, we want to make sure that we do not only contribute to ESG, but to the positive image of our entire Shipping Industry towards our ultimate customers and stakeholders, by clearing the trash after the party?
No, by turning it into feedstock to improve the image of the Steel Industry as well. And though they are rivals, the steel Majors are eager for EEC feedstock of best ESG for a reliable supply chain for the Circular Economy.