Our new team member! We would like to present our new Advisor, Ambar Mukerji, Executive Director of SkyBits Technologies and now also a member of our Advisory Team. 
Published: 21-10-2022


Why EEC?


"Elegant exit to maritime assets is a novel concept. Environmental concerns world wide are real and can no longer be ignored.

I intend to bring my four decades of experience in corporate finance and Business Management , including 20 years as CEO/COO of transnational companies to work with EEC to synergise the genuine need of ship owners for an elegant exit of their maritime assets and the strategic need of steel mills for high quality ferrous scrap in their march towards zero carbon emission.

The key areas where I will be contributing, relates to strategic planning, cost centre and profit centre management facilitating resources optimization and monitor accounting and auditing operations, cash flow management, enterprise risk assessment and identifying key 'internal controls' and implementation of related best practices.”