Our Steel Partners. Within our ‘Ship to Green Steel Process’
Published: 09-12-2022

EEC's recycling program monitors ‘the Ship to Green Steel process’ until the production of final products of steel from ship recycling. We have dedicated steel partners who are involved in melting steel to produce long steel products. These mills are traditionally integrated steel mills who have their own DRI plant and Electric Arc Furnace but now are required to reduce their carbon emissions. By introducing high grade scrap steel, they are able to reduce their carbon emissions substantially. They have sensors on their mills as their emission levels are monitored by the government and they can share the carbon emission for producing steel from the batch of ship recycling steel.

Steel recycling also produces high quality thick plates. Our steel partners process these high quality plates using CNC cutting machines to produce various finished parts such as sickles, tractor ploughs to name a few. This is an ideal example of how steel is being reused to produce a new product with the lowest carbon emissions. The remaining small parts are melted down to produce rebars. These rebars are considered  the greenest steel since they are made completely of recycled steel and are in huge demand globally specially with construction sites going for LEED certifications.