Responsible Ship Recycling Forum, 1 June 2023, London. Our Chairman Capt Uday will speak during this event: "Riding the waves of changing winds: Navigating the global opportunities amidst a flux of laws, sentiments and emerging steel making landscapes."
Published: 12-04-2023

We are excited to be at the Responsible Ship Recycling Forum to present a topic that is critical to the sustainable development of our global economy - ship recycling. 


In our presentation, Capt. Uday will be addressing the challenges of recycling ships compliantly and sustainably on a global scale while navigating the constantly changing and delayed laws and regulations both locally and internationally.



He will discuss how our company has taken on this challenge with great enthusiasm and has developed innovative solutions that allow us to recycle ships in a compliant, responsible and sustainable manner, regardless of the changing legal landscape.

Moreover, Uday will shed light on the changing landscape of the steel industry, which heavily relies on recycled steel. He will highlight how this evolving landscape has a direct impact on the recycling of ships and how we have developed close partnerships with steel makers to ensure that our recycling processes align with their changing requirements.

Last, but definitely not least, Uday will talk about our inaugural ship and lived experience from buying the ship to…



We are looking forward to sharing our insights with you. 

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Tickets are still available (register here !), so we hope to see you there!