The order in which ‘Clarksons' mandate involves providing initial recommendations followed by UNDP's decision-making. Strategic considerations for FSO Safer's responsible recycling: Urgent deliberations.
Published: 11-08-2023

The established protocol dictates that 'Clarksons' mandate entails furnishing preliminary recommendations, subsequently succeeded by UNDP's decisive deliberations. 

Given Clarksons' distinct expertise that sets them apart from UNDP, they have been entrusted with this crucial responsibility. While our respect for UNDP remains unwavering, we urge Clarksons to share their insightful evaluation within their assessment and not shy away from their duty to openly state, addressing the following: 

(a) FSO Safer must be deliberately grounded or not, despite the presence of alternative choices. A definitive Yes or No is expected.

(b) FSO Safer should be transported to Europe as the preferred course of action, even when considering other available options within the region.

Considering the recycling requires preparation time, there's no valid reason to delay actions concerning (a) and (b).

In the midst of ongoing operations, there is no need to postpone the decision led by Clarksons. Instead, the key is allowing ample time for preparation, which is pivotal to ensuring the secure and efficient recycling of the vessel. The consequences of delaying could potentially mirror the Sao Paulo incident (link to article)– a stark reminder of the risks tied to procrastination and the potential aftermath of failing to take swift action, where the only reasonable course might involve beaching to prevent sinking.

Highlighting the importance of this notion becomes paramount. This emphasis not only provides Clarksons and UNDP the platform to advocate for the more favorable EEC option, but it also safeguards against rash decisions driven by cash buyers capable of finalizing transactions within an hour. The stark division becomes unmistakable: it's either immediate and decisive action to prevent a catastrophe reminiscent of Sao Paulo, or the looming chance of a comparable calamity. (Link to article) 
Recognizing the pressing nature of this situation, Clarksons and UNDP can join forces to guide the decision-making process, guaranteeing a well-rounded strategy that fuses expert knowledge with the absolute necessity of avoiding a potential catastrophe.


Enhancing Fairness and Competition: The Swiss Challenge Approach for FSO Safer's Green Ship Recycling. 
Given the ongoing tender for the FSO Safer's Green Ship Recycling, we suggest using the Swiss Challenge process. EEC's proposal sets the standard, and other bidders can compete by matching or improving upon it. This method fosters competition, quality, and transparency in the selection process. 
S2GS Consortium: EEC Leading a Sustainable Ship Recycling Initiative.  
EEC has created the Ship to Green Steel (S2GS) model for sustainable ship recycling. They've formed a coalition, including shipyards, ministries, and waste management and steel making companies, to implement this eco-friendly solution for recycling the FSO Safer. 
EEC's Queen of Sheba Offer: Ethical, Transparent, and Responsible Green Ship Recycling Proposal

EEC offered a purchase proposal (dd June 30, 2023) for the Green Ship Recycling of FSO Safer, encompassing several aspects: 
The purchase price is set at 150 USD per LT Net light weight, plus upside profit share based on actuals, pegged to LME index, with additional benefits tied to Green Ship Recycling proceeds, an Ethical & ESG Bonus, and adherence to stringent standards. 
Recycling proceeds will be calculated based on scrap sales revenue, expenses incurred, and transparently managed through collaborative efforts. EEC emphasizes ethical practices, high ESG performance, "No Beaching" methodology, improved worker conditions, and traceable scrap reuse. 
The payment structure involves a deposit and balance payment, executed transparently through a First-Class Bank. 
Delivery terms include the proposed demucking location and the inclusion of all vessel belongings without exclusions. 
Proof of lightweight will be provided through technical documents, accounting for removals and deductions while prioritizing lower LDT in case of conflicting proofs. 
Subject to agreement on terms, BOD approval, legal compliance, and necessary processes in the importing nation. 
Required vessel documents will be provided by the Sellers. This comprehensive proposal outlines EEC's commitment to environmentally responsible ship recycling. 
The Queen of Sheba Offer: A Tribute to History and Sustainability.  
The story of Queen Sheba ruling Yemen and her marriage to King Solomon resonates with neighbors, The Netherlands, and the Family of Nations: UN. EEC aims to honor this history by treating the aged vessel FSO Safer with utmost care and respect, like a revered Queen Mother, transforming it into new green life through responsible recycling. 
We are eagerly anticipating commencing the conversation with Clarksons, click: Leading positive change! With their extensive expertise spanning the entire industry spectrum worldwide, they will be well-equipped to assess both advantages and disadvantages.