UAE Ship Recycling Regulation mandates transformative changes in ship recycling United Arab Emirates Ship Recycling Regulation (UAE SSR) marks a new era in ship recycling. It sets the bar for the future of ship recycling.
Published: 28-12-2023

Global coalition of human rights and environmental organizations who have advocated for sustainable ship recycling and worked to reverse current shipbreaking practices on the beaches of South Asia and Turkiye, have warmly received the UAE SRR. It is widely perceived this bold initiative from UAE will usher in a new era in ship recycling that will aim to elevate environmental and occupational health standards in the industry.

The UAE SRR provides visionary solutions for ship recycling, especially the transformative changes it mandates with regards to moving the sector away from the tidal beaches, as currently practiced in South Asia and landing operations, as practiced in Turkiye. It is an accepted fact that proper industrial platforms, such as dry-docks, slipways are the only way to ensure full containment of pollutants as well as safe working conditions.

The mushrooming of ship recycling hubs in the Arabian Gulf region will set the bar for tomorrow’s ship recycling, and the UAE has established itself as a front runner to be able to tailor for the growing demand for scrap for producing green steel. The new law will certainly have positive impacts also at the global level.