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Hugo de Stoop: Green ship recycling needs a compelling business case

12-03-2024 Read more
Korean Ship Breaking

Leading Member of International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) unveils Circular re UAE SRR.

22-01-2024 Read more
Our Mission

UAE Ship Recycling Regulation mandates transformative changes in ship recycling

28-12-2023 Read more
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Breaking News: UAE Government adopting new UAE Ship Recycling Regulation

11-12-2023 Read more

Danish Shipping: EU-agreement on waste shipments opens the door for responsible recycling of EU-flagged ships outside EU and OECD

27-11-2023 Read more
Wan Hai 165 Getting docked

Milestone: Wan Hai 165 going into dry dock

14-11-2023 Read more
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EEC Middle East Holdings and Capital Investments announce joint venture for transformational changes in ship recycling

05-10-2023 Read more
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The order in which ‘Clarksons' mandate involves providing initial recommendations followed by UNDP's decision-making.

11-08-2023 Read more
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Urgent Appeal to the Netherlands:

05-07-2023 Read more
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Wan Hai 165: Setting the stage for a Sustainable Recycling Revolution in Bahrain.

05-07-2023 Read more
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NGOs challenge the Hong Kong Convention's commitment to Sustainable Ship Recycling:

04-07-2023 Read more

Containership sector to boost lowest ship recycling volumes since 2007.

30-06-2023 Read more
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Navigating global challenges in Ship Recycling: Innovations and partnerships for Sustainability.

23-06-2023 Read more
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Human Rights and Environmental Organizations unite to safeguard FSO Safer's Recycling.

16-06-2023 Read more
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Bahrain's commitment to Ship Recycling reinforced by Minister's visit to ASRY and EEC’s Wan Hai vessel.

16-06-2023 Read more
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EEC announces collaboration with Global Container Lines for Sustainable Ship Recycling and Enhanced Operational Efficiency.

15-06-2023 Read more
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FSO SAFER - Preventing the biggest maritime environmental catastrophe.

11-06-2023 Read more
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EEC shares insights on overcoming hurdles in permitting process for recycling of 1st ship.

30-05-2023 Read more
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Over 15.000 ships could be recycled by 2032, up more than 100% on the last 10 years.

17-05-2023 Read more
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Stalled Wan Hai ship breaking job returns to life after three months.

15-05-2023 Read more
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Uday: A Journey of Friendship, Faith, and Fearlessness.

10-05-2023 Read more
Wan Hai 165 Front

Wan Hai 165: From Approval to Action – EEC and ASRY's Ship Recycling in Motion.

08-05-2023 Read more

Green ship recycling gathers momentum.

28-04-2023 Read more
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Responsible Ship Recycling Forum, 1 June 2023, London.

12-04-2023 Read more
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Visit to our Wan Hai 165 vessel.

24-02-2023 Read more
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Safe handling and carriage of scrap metal in bulk.

22-02-2023 Read more
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EEC acquires Wan Hai vessel for green recycling.

21-02-2023 Read more
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Veteran Wan Hai Vessel is First in a New Sustainable Recycling Model.

18-02-2023 Read more
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Elegant Exit Company buys Wan Hai veteran for green recycling.

18-02-2023 Read more
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ASRY to break up ship for green recycler EEC.

18-02-2023 Read more
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EEC buys Wan Hai veteran for green recycling.

17-02-2023 Read more
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Press announcement.

17-02-2023 Read more
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Getting acquainted with Dr. Baris Ciftci.

22-01-2023 Read more
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Our tie up facility is getting ready

04-01-2023 Read more
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Happy Holidays!

22-12-2022 Read more
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Sustainability is a process of continuous improvement.

19-12-2022 Read more
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Our new partner!

19-12-2022 Read more
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'Massive wave' of containership scrapping forecast.

15-12-2022 Read more
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Our Steel Partners.

09-12-2022 Read more
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How does steel making connect to ship scrapping today, and should tomorrow?

01-11-2022 Read more

Our new team member!

21-10-2022 Read more
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EEC's answer to the EU Ship Recycling Regulations.

06-10-2022 Read more
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JOIN us on our Journey!

26-09-2022 Read more
Elegant Exit Company

We are proud to announce our sponsorship

14-07-2022 Read more
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A sitting with Ingvild Jenssen.

12-07-2022 Read more
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EEC is now also ready for Green Ship Recycling West of the Suez Canal!

14-06-2022 Read more
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A session with Dr. Anand Hiremath.

01-06-2022 Read more
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ASRY receives an International Safety Award from the British Safety Council.

21-05-2022 Read more

A strong plea for improving the procedures in Ship Recycling.

12-05-2022 Read more

No beaching.

08-01-2022 Read more
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Our new teammate!

24-08-2021 Read more
Sea Trade

Asry receives triple accreditation for green ship recycling.

10-06-2021 Read more
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Asry and Elegant Exit in green scrapping tie-up.

03-06-2021 Read more
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Dutch start-up Elegant Exit buying tankers to trade and recycle.

17-11-2020 Read more

Buying ships and scrapping them sustainably and economically.

16-11-2020 Read more