Our mission EEC pioneers ship recycling innovation. We focus on sustainability and efficiency by getting dedicated vessels for recycling. We use a smart plan to own and operate these vessels until recycling. Our streamlined process ensures efficiency and meets regulations. We buy old ships, extract steel, and sell the raw material. We are known for our eco-friendly and socially responsible approach, with a commitment to safety and compliance.

“It is only a matter of time before they become waste!”

What is our process?

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How we will innovate

Our plan to success.

While we will have secured sufficient tonnage to be recycled in the above manner, we will be able to optimize the recycling process by introducing as many innovations as possible to improve efficiency.

The main fields in which to introduce this will be the yard logistics and the way the vessels are transformed into heavy melting scrap (HMS).This will all be based on a well-engineered lean production process from Ship to Scrap.

The underlying principle will be our desire to be compliant with the most stringent rules and regulations, such as EU SRR, so that we will have zero spill into the environment and the minimum (certified) waste disposal, all of this with a great care for the social wellbeing and short and long term health effects of our workers and the workers of our partners.

By the end of this planning period 2020-2027 we want to recycle 25 vessels of an average of 11.000 LTD at two recycling facilities, one facility West and one facility East of the Suez Canal totaling abt. 50 vessels a year, resulting in 750.000 tons of Steel Scrap per year, plus up-cycled machinery and equipment.

Sustainability is a process of continuous improvement. To show our commitment to the whole range of sustainability topics we have pledged ourselves to become a B-Corp by getting the B-Corp Pending Status. The main purpose of a B Corporation is to promote social and environmental change through positive business practice. B Corps work to reduce inequality, lower poverty levels, create more sustainability for our environment, and build stronger communities. B Corp Certification is a designation that a company is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency of social and environmental topics. By attaining the B-Corp Pending status we have expressed our commitment to the process of acquiring the full B-Corp Certification, for which we will have to get a score of at least 80 points on the B Impact Assessment.

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In the B-Corp Pending certification process we have adopted the legal requirement for B-Corporations, that ensures that B Corps remain legally accountable to all of their stakeholders - workers, communities, customers, suppliers, and the environment - not just shareholders. Moreover, we have incorporated it in our legal objective to have a positive impact through our operations on both society and the environment in general. 

“Join us om our journey: We will fix the bittersweet end by UP-cycling tired old ships in to New Green Steel!”