EEC announces collaboration with Global Container Lines for Sustainable Ship Recycling and Enhanced Operational Efficiency. Towards a green maritime future.
Published: 15-06-2023


EEC is delighted to unveil its strategic collaboration with major container lines from around the world, as well as select tonnage suppliers. This announcement, made by our Chairman Capt Uday during the Responsible Ship Recycling forum in London, signifies a pivotal moment in the industry's pursuit of greener practices through EEC's Ship to Green Steel (S2GS) initiative.

Recognizing the urgent need to replace older vessels with environmentally friendly newbuildings, container lines and tonnage suppliers have engaged in fruitful interactions with EEC. Their common preference to sustainable ship recycling is driven by their shared vision and remarkably similar requirements.

To ensure optimized efficiency and meticulous planning across various development stages in multiple locations, EEC is diligently crafting tailored solutions for each partner. Leveraging our expertise in common feeder systems, multiuser terminals, and slot sharing, we are preparing bespoke offers that embrace the concept of "mix and match". This approach maximizes operational effectiveness and enhances overall efficiency.


EEC remains dedicated to fostering collaboration and sustainability throughout the maritime industry. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive solutions that empower container lines and tonnage suppliers to make substantial progress in their sustainability goals.

Together, we will pave the way for a future where environmentally friendly practices and responsible ship recycling are the norm. EEC is thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with our valued partners, setting a new benchmark for innovation, efficiency, and sustainability within the shipping sector.

Major Steel Players and other companies are currently establishing joint ventures and green steel supply contracts. Furthermore, EEC has several yards in select locations at different stages of development for EEC's "DeLego-ing" initiative.

For further information and partnership opportunities, please contact:
Vladimir Radisic, COO EEC.
M: +31 6 38 68 47 19