Our partners Our global associates with whom we are collaborating to achieve our goals.

The iconic ASRY has recently obtained the statement of compliance certificates for the Hong Kong Convention and European Ship Recycling Regulations. ASRY has also obtained ISO 30000 certification for Ship Recycling from DNV. “As ASRY continues on its modernisation drive,” commented ASRY Managing Director, Mazen Matar, “environmental sustainability is a vital part of the facility’s future operations. As a responsible member of the maritime industry, we must not tolerate harmful and dangerous practices of ship recycling, which are common practice across the globe. We have now achieved compliance with the strictest international standards with a view to being able to offer a sustainable, responsible and affordable alternative for vessel owners with end-of-life maritime assets. There is also natural synergy with nearby steel production facilities, who can benefit from this new initiative.” 

SULB is a specialised producer of structural steel products ranging from light to medium  and heavy sections. The fully integrated SULB plant is the first and only of its kind in the region, encompassing DRI to finished steel products.  SULB CEO, Ravi Singh is very enthusiastic about this initiative which will ensure a steady and predictable supply of high quality scrap for SULB. "With growing global aspirations, environmental concerns and resource scarcity, switching over from a linear to circular economy is a necessity. This initiative in Bahrain, will help to reduce pollution and waste. Our humble contribution towards a more restorative and regenerative economy." The company boasts a strategic location, and its positive forecasts are further reinforced with cutting-edge technical know-how from its shareholders consisting of Foulath Holding Company (51%) and Yamato Kogyo Japan (49%) who are among the region’s most reputable and committed investors. All operations are conducted with a full focus on sustainability.

Azzaron Overseas has got 30 years of marketing experience in the steel industry with 50+ satisfied customers worldwide. They specialize in providing customized solutions for their clients.They are our strategic marketing partner in India.

Dammam Shipyard is located in the eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This boutique yard is managed by Al Blagha Holding Group, a Saudi Arabian group of companies of diversified commercial and investment activities established in 1991. Apart from Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) for ship/rigs and naval vessels, ship recycling and marine vessel owner and operator, the group's dynamic portfolio includes infrastructural development, construction and general investment.


Alexandros Nomikos, the Managing Director of Dammam Shipyard commented, "at each level within the company we are focused in providing high quality works, conducted in the safest manner and within the agreed timeframes. We are not new to ship recycling. We are happy to receive the EU SRR, HKC and ISO 30000 certification from IRS and offer our valuable clients a sustainable and responsible approach, that of green ship recycling, according to highest applicable international standards. In this regard we would like to continue building bridges and business acumen between EEC and Dammam Shipyard."