JOIN us on our Journey! From Ship to Green Steel
Published: 26-09-2022



Capt. Uday: 


"Do we want to be on the right side of History in our World of Shipping?


Imagine a world where newbuildings with better tech and better fuels will be ordered by shipping companies with lofty intentions backed by well-meaning finance.

So, these companies will have higher ESG rankings because their ships are modern, efficient and environmentally friendly plus they have some women directors on the board.

To maintain highest ESG rankings, these companies will throw out more and more older ships way sooner than their scrapping age; to do “good”, look “good” and feel “good”.

Where do the orphaned oldies go ? - Do we care? 
Do we want to make sure that these discarded ships do not pollute the environment?
Do we want to make sure many men AND women don't suffer under terrible conditions as workers in the scrapyards?

Think EEC! 
And ask yourself WHY?
Your "good" acts may be the very reason why ships are not “de-Lego-ed” into Green Steel.

I've thrown out the trash on the street, so that I can welcome you in my clean & tidy home. 

A warm welcome to EEC! Come and join us on our journey: 
We will fix the bittersweet end by UP-cycling tired old ships in to New Green Steel!"