Our new teammate! We would like to present our new Sustainability Manager, Douwe Amels. Douwe is a lawyer and a professional athlete and he started his new position at EEC on August 1st!
Published: 24-08-2021



As an athlete and chairman of the Athletes Committee of the Dutch Athletics Union, Douwe finds a sustainable way of conducting top-sport important: A long career, maintaining a high level. No shortcuts to short-term profit at the expense of the long-term goal. And no 'at all costs' mentality. Performance is extremely important, because that's what top-sport is about, but not if it makes you unhappy, or harms others or the environment, for example. It’s also about the way HOW it’s done. This mentality fits perfectly with EEC's philosophy.

Douwe Amels on Wikipedia

He is very excited that he now has the opportunity through EEC to contribute to the solution of one of the greatest challenges of our time; climate problems and the transition to a sustainable economy.

As a member of the Amels family with a shipbuilder as a grandfather, a maritime entrepreneur as a father and even for a while as a Maritime Technology student, he is familiar with the Maritime Industry. In addition, with all the regulations regarding sustainability, his background as a lawyer will come in handy in his new position!

More info about Douwe and his “Why EEC?” can be found on our teampage