Urgent Appeal to the Netherlands: NGOs Demand Proper Recycling of FSO Safer.
Published: 05-07-2023


A pressing environmental and humanitarian concern has prompted a collective call from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to the Netherlands, urging the country to prioritize the safe and responsible recycling of the FSO Safer. In a bid to address the risks associated with the decommissioned oil tanker, currently stationed off the coast of Yemen, the NGOs are pressing for immediate action to ensure proper dismantling and management of hazardous materials. With the Netherlands being a significant contributor to the Stop Red Sea Oil Pollution operation, the NGOs are calling on the Dutch government to step up and collaborate with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to identify an appropriate recycling facility.


As operations to remove the oil from the decaying Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessel Safer are underway, the focus has shifted to finding a destination for its recycling. The NGOs have appealed to the UNDP to seek a solution that effectively addresses the risks associated with the dismantling process and the proper handling of hazardous materials that will remain onboard. The call now extends to the Netherlands, known for its commitment to environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable practices, as the NGOs implore the Dutch government to lend its expertise and support in identifying a suitable recycling facility.

The Netherlands has demonstrated its leadership in averting potential environmental disasters, having tasked Dutch company Boskalis, through its subsidiary SMIT Salvage, with removing the oil from the FSO Safer. However, the NGOs emphasize that responsible recycling is equally crucial. They urge the Dutch government to leverage its pioneering stance on environmentally friendly technologies and Boskalis' "off the beach" ship recycling policy as guiding principles for the final stage of the operation.

The NGOs are pressing for compliance with international waste laws and standards beyond those outlined in the International Maritime Organization's Hong Kong Convention. They underscore the importance of selecting a recycling destination that upholds labor rights and operates from a dry-dock or features on the European List of approved ship recycling facilities. The clock is ticking, and the NGOs stress the urgency of securing a safe and environmentally sound solution for the FSO Safer.

To read the Press Release from the NGO Shipbreaking platform, please click here.


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